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Sloppy Boudreaux
Some call me "Joe" but my real name is Sloppy Boudreaux.

Instructions for Sloppy Boudreaux

1. Brown 1 to 1 1/2 lbs. of ground meat and drain fat.
2. Add 1 jar of Cajun Power Sloppy Boudreaux.
3. Heat and Serve.

Other Suggestions:
Use left-over chopped steak, roast, chicken etc.
For the Ultimate Sloppy Boudreaux, use chopped Bar-B-Q pork.

Choose SizeSizeUnit Price
Select1 - 16 oz.$5.75
Select3 - 16 oz.$16.50
Select1 - 1 Gallon$25.00
Select4 - 1 Gallons$89.00